I’m foxi blue. welcome to shenanigans cabaret.

Shenanigans Cabaret was born from a rather unnecessarily extravagant private party for my husband, Mr Blue, which involved copious amounts of alcohol, glitter and, of course, burlesque and cabaret. It started as a small gathering of friends and escalated into a full blown show, with fully rehearsed (mostly) performances from our closest and most talented cabaret sweethearts.

Now, Shenanigans Cabaret has a residency at Lighthouse Bar in Shoreditch, East London, and after its spectacular launch show in February 2020, had many more dazzling productions planned, with top class acts spanning the performing arts industry. Giving stage space to both new and established performers, and covering every craft from burlesque to circus to sideshow to music and dance, Shenanigans is one of the true rare variety shows in town.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Shenanigans Cabaret, like all performing arts, has retreated into the internet and from there, Foxi and Friends was conceived: an online show that celebrates my incredibly talented friends that I’ve met on the cabaret circuit. This Shenanigans online spinoff was an opportunity for me to keep the creativity and cabaret community spirit alive, whilst keeping in touch with the most inspiring performers I’ve ever met.

Then finally, in July 2020, Shenanigans Cabaret Online was born, displaying phenomenal variety show talent from across the globe – the one main benefit of producing an online show is being able to scour the entire planet for performers!

It is my pleasure to present you with breathtaking talent that I am proud to call my cabaret contemporaries whilst in isolation. Keep an eye out for Shenanigans Cabaret’s return to the stage – it’s coming!

Foxi Blue x