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About Freedom4Girls

Freedom4Girls are a UK-registered charity fighting against period poverty.

We work to support those who menstruate by challenging the stigmas, taboos and gender inequalities associated with menstruation. We do this by providing education, providing period products, promoting product choice and supporting environmentally and financially sustainable options.

Period poverty is a worldwide issue and affects millions of women and girls who struggle to afford or access safe menstrual protection. The economic, social and environmental impacts of period poverty are huge, with many of those affected restricted from equal education and job opportunities simply due to their periods.

To combat period poverty, Freedom4Girls not only support in the provision of products that are donated to us, but also through the creation of washable reusable pads, through the delivery of an education programme that works to empower, challenge and reduce stigmas and through campaigning to put an end to period poverty and its impact on sex-based equality.