Join us for a night of delectable debauchery, featuring first class performers from across the cabaret and performing arts industry.

Foxi Blue, Duo Leve, The Seifert Sisters, Donna Divine, Sebastian Angelique, The Diamond Duo, Brambley Apple, Loui Von Dini, Ashleigh Anita, Bonnie Callaghan, Jinx McQuinn, Amy Adele, Porcelain Delaney, Jon Udry, Trash Valentine, Jared Shanks, Boobiful Dede, cast of June 2021

“A warm, friendly show with a strong line up of talented performers. Chlamydia Jones was a particular stand out. Wonderful to see acts that are just starting out being supported both by the other performers and the audience. Highly entertaining.”

“The event was very entertaining. The performers were really friendly.”

“A hilarious evening, will definitely go back!”

“Thank you – you’ve all been a highlight of 2021. The stripping /burlesque has been a particular revelation with how different from the norm they have been.”